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Climate Change as a Civil Rights Issue: Racial Equity & Environmental Justice

  • LMHQ 150 Broadway 20th Floor New York, NY 10038 USA (map)

When you think of social justice and racial equity, chances are climate change is not the first thing that comes to mind.

Despite the advances made since the civil rights era, we still live in a society in which more than 1 million African-Americans live within half a mile of an oil and gas operation and minority and low-income neighborhoods are disproportionately targeted by industries that follow the path of least resistance when deciding where to locate hazardous waste sites and other polluting facilities.

Building upon MLK's well-known argument that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," we are bringing together leaders in racial equity and environmental justice to explore the concept of environmental racism, it's link to the fight for climate justice and what we can do about it as Christians pursuing reconciliation and the restoration of all creation.


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