Dave Herman, Outreach Manager


Dave Herman comes from a television production and promotional marketing background and now works at a nonprofit as an employment specialist. Dave's interest in climate change came out of being grieved by the American church's focus on personal piety at the expense of social issues. As a performer and bibliophile, he is working on a climate care series for Christians in video and Bible study formats. Dave also creates yearlong personal challenge projects. This year, his #100 bearthdays project is looking for 100 participants to raise $100 each for Earth-related issues. "Climate change is the largest civil rights, economic, and military issue of the 21st century. I can't know about this issue and not do anything about it." Encouraged by Colossians 1:15-20, Dave sees God's cosmic plan of reconciliation fulfilled not only in reconciled humanity but God's entire creation.

Twitter: @TheDaveHerman