David Larrabee, East Stroudsburg University

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David Larrabee is a physicist with a background in theology and economics, Passionate about lifestyles and environmental justice.

Raised in a small Baptist church in New Jersey, David now attends an Episcopal Church in New York City. His theology is Biblical, but informed by science and an ecological reading of the text. True discipleship requires a commitment to at least steward God's creation, and at times to serve creation. 

David is a Professor emeritus of Physics having taught physics for 20 years at East Stroudsburg University in Pa. Professor Larrabee retired to explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in a time of environmental crisis and injustice. David has earned: a a PhD in Applied Physics from Cornell University, M.B.A from Philadelphia University and a M.A. in Systematic Theology from Union Theological Seminary in the City of NY. He explores the intersection of economics, technology and religion in areas concerning the environment; focusing on personal and corporate lifestyles and environmental justice. 

Mr. Larrabee's works to bring theology, science, and economics into dialog around the social justice implications of our unhealthy relationship to the planet. This includes the implications of both individual and collective lifestyles.

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